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The 12 Video Games of Christmas: SuperCade

Continuing today with The 12 Video Games of Christmas retro game guide: Santa’s elves have been busy on the assembly line.

Imagine seeing this with a big red bow tied on it, under your tree Christmas morning.  Hell, it could BE the tree, just wrap tinsel around it and plug in a Super Mario Bros. star at the top.  SuperCade, from the good folks at Chicago Gaming.  50 licensed, classic games such as Asteroids, Berzerk, Battlezone and many more, all in an upright cabinet with two joysticks, multiple buttons and even a roller ball.  All for a cool US$ 2069.49, but hey, free shipping! While you’re composing your email to Santa, here’s a video of Supercade in action:

For even quicker results than Santa, here’s the Amazon link.  Go ahead, press the 1-Click button.  Your rec-room will thank you for it.