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More on the Two Guys From Andromeda project

Gamasutra has a great article on how Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, creators of the venerable Space Quest adventure game series during the heydays of Sierra, managed to bury the hatchet and end a 20-year estrangement to work together on the new Kickstarter project that you can help fund.

As always, you can read about the history of Space Quest and Sierra in our Dot Eaters article here.

Image from a Space Quest computer game by Sierra

Two Guys From Andromeda, Together Again

Coming down the ether, otherwise known as Kotaku, comes word that The Two Guys From Andromeda, aka Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy, are setting up shop to produce a new space-themed adventure game.  They have a pretty good pedigree for this sort of thing, as they were the creators of the original Space Quest graphical adventure games for Sierra.  The SQ games were truly hilarious, spiritual successors of  the SF comedy Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams, and lampooning a wide spectrum of popular culture.

It’s especially surprising to see Murphy back in the game, so to speak, considering his little-hidden distaste for the industry that chewed him up and spit him out after the 6th and final Space Quest game, Roger Wilco in The Spinal Frontier, released in 1995.

Details are sketchy at this point, but it does appear that things are pulling together, and the GuysFromAndromeda company is currently hiring talent.  Whether or not the boys are putting together another Space Quest game or some other (ad)venture, one can be assured the laughter will be heard from one end of the galaxy to the other.

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