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Two New Gallery Additions

Submitted for approval, two new video game ad images for the gallery. One isn’t exactly an ad, but an homage to Space Invaders and the impact it had on society in the form of a Mad Magazine cover. The video games related article inside imagines games based on real life, such as “The Maddening ‘Subway Rush Hour’ Game where you try to stuff as many people as you can into a NYC subway train, and “The Nauseating ‘Big City Doggie-Do’ Game”, where you try to cross the street without stepping into a pile. Yeech!

The second entry is a colourful ad for two TRON video games for the Atari 2600. Both TRON Deadly Discs and Adventures of TRON were released for the system by Mattel through their M Network label, which the company used to publish games on platforms outside of their own Intellivision console.  For more info on the TRON movie and the games licensed from it, consult your local Dot Eaters article here.

Here’s handy links to the two images: