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Visual Cortex: Skyrim for Intellivision?

Consider: They did a few AD&D games on the mighty Mattel Intellivision.  Bethesda Softworks’ Elder Scrolls series of RPGs goes back a loooong way.  Imagine if these two titans of history met…

(cue wavy lines)

source: Bridgit Scheide at Deviant Art.

(This article was originally posted to The Dot Eaters on Feb. 3, 2013)

Monday Meme: Skyrim on NES

If it’s Monday, it must be another video game retomeme:

Yesterday we posted an image of the massive open-world RPG Skyrim as an Intellivision cart.  That was pretty silly, heck a standard Intellivision cartridge only holds 4K of memory.  No, such an old system could never have run a Skyrim game.  Now, the NES on the other hand, there was an advanced console…

source: dangerousPyro via Cheez Burger

Skyrim Details Emerge has relayed some information gleaned from the official Skyrim forums, where a user has posted highlights from an preview of the game in the Official Xbox Magazine. Details include info on a couple of the new Dragonshout abilities in the game, one of which apparently slows down time, Matrix-style. Another interesting tid-bit is that creatures you stumble across while traversing the world, including dragons, won’t immediately give chase, unless you give them a reason to notice you.

The article contains spoilers on the storyline, but they are labelled and placed at the bottom, so you can safely read it up to that point.

Arena, a computer game in the Elder Scrolls saga, by Bethesda Softworks

Good News, Everyone!

Skyrim, the 5th installment of the vaunted Elder Scrolls RPG series currently in development at Bethesda, is being reported as dumping the scaling difficulty that marred the previous entry in the series, Oblivion. In that game, as you levelled up, the world around you would level up as well. So you’d be travelling in the countryside and get accosted by highwaymen with high-level armour. Kinda puts a crimp in the joys of getting better gear if everyone else just gets it by default as you increase in levels.  In Skyrim, the game will scale downwards in difficulty if you suck at it, not increase everyone if you’re good. There will be definite signs given if the player finds an area that’s currently way above their pay grade, as well.

That’s one major annoyance from Oblivion cut down. Hopefully they will also have more than three actors doing the voices for every character.